We care about our brand. It’s who we are, what we stand for, and what unites us. Following these guidelines, and using these assets makes us a stronger company, and a united family.

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Updated January 2019


The Eastwood Homes logomark is a the primary visual symbol representing the company’s brand – it’s reputation. Its proper usage is a key element in maintaining a consistent message to our clients, vendors and stakeholders.


Consistent usage of colors in all branded materials helps to aid in recognition of the Eastwood Homes brand. Please ensure you’re using the correct colors in all software applications.
Pantone 294 CP

C100 M69 Y7 K30
R0 G47 B108

hex #002F6C

Pantone Cool Gray 7 CP

C23 M16 Y13 K46
R136 G139 B141


Pantone 7548 CP

C0 M12 Y98 K0
R255 G198 B0


Pantone 290 CP

C23 M0 Y1 K0
R191 G231 B247


**Typically at 35 – 65% opacity


Consistent usage of typography helps to provide a solid basis for our branding efforts. Please install the recommended fonts on your computer and use them for all company communications and branded materials.
Lato Font Family

Lato Regular should be used for all body text. Heavier versions should be used for display text including headings and subheadings.

Dancing Script

Dancing Script may be used sparingly as an accent typeface. On printed materials, it should not be used at a size smaller than 18pt.
This font is recommended to only use in lowercase format!
Dancing Script should NOT be used on any signage.


You only need one image. The web platform will clip it to shape automatically.

Be sure to keep enough white space around the logo, to prevent any part of the logo getting cut off.


Consistent email signatures are important for brand recognition. The Eastwood server is equipped with the appropriate email signature for all Eastwood users. 


The use of some of these simple elements consistently and effectively allows us to make our look clean, simple, and easy to reproduce.


For information on how to use these assets, permissions to modify or alter any assets, or to report a misuse of these assets, please contact mgarvey@eastwoodhomes.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Eastwood Homes need rules about how to use the Brand Resources?

These rules are intended to promote consistent use of the Eastwood Homes brand. This prevents confusion and makes it easier for people to instantly recognize references to Eastwood Homes. These Guidelines also help protect our trademarks.

Do I need to request permission for each use of the Eastwood Homes Brand Resources?

Submit a written request if you want to use the Eastwood Homes Brand Resources to market your products and services, or if you intend to use our assets in broadcast, television, or film. Otherwise, Eastwood Homes doesn’t require a brand permissions request or review your usage as long as you adhere to the Eastwood Homes Brand Guidelines.

Can I use Eastwood Homes logos and images I found somewhere else on the web?

You can only use the official Eastwood Homes Brand Resources that are available from the Brand Resources website.

Online Resource

New Home Specialists

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Your login grants you the option to print corporate brochures that will directly ship to your office. Plus, you can order from our stock of Eastwood branded promotional items for quick delivery!